Why is Spinal Health Important & How Can it Be Improved?

Spinal health is of paramount importance to overall physical and mental wellbeing. Without a healthy spine, the body’s ability to move, function and feel good is compromised. Poor spinal health can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, restricted movement or mobility issues and even deteriorating nerve strength or sensitivity. In this blog, we’ll discuss why spinal health is important and ways to improve it.

The Function of the Spine

The spine plays an essential role in helping the body move, stand upright and provide balance. It also houses the nerves that enable us to feel sensations from our extremities– such as temperature, pressure and pain. A healthy spine can flex, extend and twist easily, allowing for smooth movement when necessary. 

Everyday activities such as walking, sitting and standing require the spine to be flexible and strong in order to complete with ease.

The Importance of Spinal Health

Those with poor spinal health may also experience difficulty sleeping, headaches and muscle or joint pain due to the spine’s lack of strength and flexibility. Not only that, but poor spinal health can cause postural problems or even lead to long-term disability.

What Causes Spinal Problems?

Several factors can cause spinal problems, such as poor posture, lack of exercise, injury or disease. Other causes may include age-related degeneration or improper use of furniture– such as using a computer chair that is too low or sleeping on an old mattress that doesn’t provide adequate back support. Many of these causes can be prevented with regular exercise, good posture and proper use of furniture.

Improving Spinal Health

A few simple steps can be taken to improve spinal health. First, maintain good posture while sitting and standing. Keeping your head up and shoulders back will help to keep the spine in proper alignment and reduce strain on the muscles and ligaments of the neck, shoulders and back. 

Secondly, stay active with regular exercise or stretching, which will help strengthen the spine and increase flexibility. This can be supplemented with activities that promote balance, such as yoga or Pilates. 

Finally, ensure proper use of furniture–such as using a computer chair at an ergonomic height and sleeping on a supportive mattress.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is an option for those looking to improve their spinal health. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent spinal disorders by adjusting the spine to restore proper alignment. This can help alleviate pain and reduce strain on the body’s muscles and ligaments. Many find that regular chiropractic treatment helps improve spinal health and overall wellness.


If you are looking to improve your spinal health, the team at Central Queensland Chiropractic Centre can help. Our chiropractors use a gentle, holistic approach to provide pain relief and improved overall wellness for our patients. Contact us today to book an appointment and start your journey towards better spinal health.


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