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Baby Chiropractor In Gladstone

It’s not uncommon for newborn babies to experience discomfort, which is upsetting and worrying for any parent. If your baby won’t settle or you’ve noticed they are only comfortable when being held in certain positions, they could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment.

Here at CQ Chiropractic, we understand that your baby is the most precious thing in the world to you, which is why we’re here to help. We offer chiropractic adjustments for babies that are gentle and safe, ensuring both you and your baby are healthy and happy.

Our Clinic Hours:

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  • Monday 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday 7:30am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday Appt From 7am
  • Sunday Closed

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About Chiropractic Care For Infants

During labour and delivery, the pressure exerted on your baby’s spine can cause tension in the nervous system. Even minor misalignments can cause a range of childhood problems and developmental delays, including sore throats, colds and headaches, clumsiness, ear infections and motor delays.

While most of these issues will correct themselves over time, early intervention can ensure your baby doesn’t suffer from discomfort for any longer than is necessary.

There are a number of signs that your baby is suffering from discomfort due to stress on the nervous system, including:

  • Holding their head to one side
  • Issues with feeding (only suckling from one breast or a weak/painful suck)
  • Choking or coughing whilst feeding
  • Becoming unsettled when laying on their back
  • Frequently waking or crying for no obvious reason

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

By ensuring your child’s nervous system is functioning optimally, a chiropractic adjustment can help to:

  • Maximise their brain and nerve development
    Enhance their overall health and well-being
  • Help them settle and sleep more easily
  • Improve their spinal posture
    Strengthen their immunity
  • Enhance their concentration and learning
  • Eliminate issues with constipation, failure to feed, regurgitation and tightness in the joints

How Is An Adjustment Carried Out?

Our baby chiropractors are gentle and will never carry out adjustments that cause pain for your little one. Although babies can sometimes cry during their visit, this is usually because they are being held in a position that they are not used to.

When most people think of chiropractic care, they probably envision the popular social media videos that show chiropractors using a lot of force to manipulate people’s bodies, but you can rest assured that an adjustment performed on a newborn is very different.

The technique we use is safe and involves placing light pressure with the fingertips, or an instrument called an activator. This will ensure your baby feels soothed and at ease afterwards. However, our chiropractors are more than happy to answer any questions you have before the session to put your mind at ease.

Get In Touch

If your baby’s doctor has recommended that you visit a chiropractor, schedule an appointment with a member of our team at CQ Chiropractic in Gladstone today. We will book a session at a time that best suits you, so call us at 07 4978 5100 or send an email to for more information.

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