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How much does treatment cost?

Please phone our friendly staff at the clinic you are considering visiting and they will be happy to discuss this with you.

Do I have to have my back ``cracked``?

We perform specific chiropractic adjustments. The term we use to describe the types of adjustment that make the ‘popping’ sound is “manual adjustment”. The type of adjustment you are given is up to you. If there is any procedure you prefer over the others, please inform the staff about it at while making your appointments. Please also inform the chiropractor of your preferences when you meet him or her. We will not perform any treatment that you are not comfortable with.

Do the chiropractors give a massage with the adjustment?

You won’t receive a full massage with your treatment. However you will have the opportunity to use our Aqua Thermassage bed. Depending on your condition the chiropractor may use some specific muscle therapy techniques and the G5 massager as part of your treatment.

I have osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer or another chronic health condition, can I be treated?

There is no way we can answer this without assessing you personally. What we can tell you is that there are many gentle techniques we use where heavier manual techniques are not appropriate.

Do I have to have X-rays before treatment?

This depends on a number of factors including your history of injuries and illness, how long you have had the pain and how the pain started. We encourage you to bring any previous images with you for a total assessment of the situation.

I have my own X-rays or scans; will you make me have new ones before treatment?

This depends on how recent your images are and whether they show the relevant areas to your condition. Please bring them with you when you come for your appointment.

I am unable to lay on my stomach/back; can I be treated?

There is a good likelihood that there will be some treatment options for you, however you will require an assessment before we decide if chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you.



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