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John Ryan, an internationally known massage therapist & instructor joined the team at CQ Chiropractic / Central Queensland Chiropractic in order to offer his excellent massage therapy services to clients in Gladstone and surrounding areas!

Commonly referred to as purely for relaxation, this is definitely not the case. You may believe that having a massage is ideal for back pain or shoulder pain, but you may not realise just how useful a professional chiropractic massage in Gladstone can be for a variety of different health concerns.

In order to understand exactly how massage could help you, reach out to CQ Chiropractic Centre and let them show you the lesser-known benefits of this treatment.

Health Benefits of Massage

Reduce Anxiety

If you are under a lot of stress in your day-to-day life, then massage therapy may be able to help you reduce anxiety and other mental health worries such as depression.

A massage can reduce the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, and increase serotonin in order to regulate your mood and anxiety.

Sleep Better

A common problem for customers who come to CQ Chiropractic Centre is sleep disturbance.

There are lots of reasons why you might struggle to sleep, but massage therapy can really benefit you and improve the quality of sleep that you experience as well, so you get more relaxation and benefit from a genuine good night’s sleep. 

Boost Your Immune System

If you are suffering from regular minor infections such as coughs and colds, then you might benefit from having a massage.

It can stimulate the production of the immune cells that help to fight off infections, as well as stimulating other systems to remove waste from the body.

Lower your blood pressure

A large number of Australians suffer from high blood pressure from a variety of different causes. It can be a serious condition, but massage therapy from CQ Chiropractic Centre can really benefit you and help you to overcome this health condition.

Reduces stiffness & inflammation

There are a surprisingly high number of people in Australia with muscle stiffness and joint problems that means that they have a limited range of motion and reduced flexibility. Massage can help you to increase your mobility, strengthening muscle tissue and boosting circulation. After a massage, you should be able to move more easily than before.

Talk to us today about a great massage

If you want to experience the benefits of having a chiropractic massage in Gladstone, then you should reach out to CQ Chiropractic Centre today

Our team can offer you advice about massaging your body to improve your health, so reach out to us today by filling in our new patient form or call us for an appointment on 07 4978 5100 now.



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